How To Watch UK TV Abroad/Outside UK/Internationally 100% Free! BBC iPlayer etc

Thanks for visiting! We’ve just posted our second tutorial how-to guide on our YouTube channel (which you can find by clicking here). It’s a quick, simple, and easy guide to watching UK streaming video services abroad and internationally, and how to watch UK TV abroad. This currently works with TV Catchup, BBC iPlayer, Five Demand and ITV Player, and probably works with most others too, with a bit of configuration.

It works using the Tor proxy service, and this zip file contains everything you need really. The Vidalia contained in this zip is already configured to use only UK exit-nodes, so pretty much no configuration is needed by you.


Yesterday, we also posted a guide to downloading BBC iPlayer content DRM-free in MP4 format for free and to keep forever! Check that out on our YouTube channel now! Yeah, that means you can transfer them on to your iPod, MP4 player, CD-ROM, DVD, stream through your media server etc. Find it by clicking here

Or, you could just use the embedded player above! Be sure to comment and like the video if it helped you. Maybe even subscribe too?

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